Numerology: Your destiny from your date of birth…

Life Path Number – The path you will walk… Personal year – Why you’re going through what you’re going through… Day number – Your strengths that influence your daily activities… Karmic numbers…What you need to learn, overcome or understand. e.g – 12/6/1983 – I can tell you so much about yourself, your life, your current […]

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Be More. Do More. Have More.

Think about; What will your life be like one year from now? What will have changed? What will you have accomplished? What do you really want in your life? How are you stopping yourself? For most of you, you’ve probably trained extensively for a number of years and through the blood, sweat and tears of […]

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Using your mind to change your body

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming looks at the internal representations that we make as individuals and how those representations form our experiences. Once we are aware of how our minds are ‘wired up’, how we are choosing to form our internal experiences, we are then very powerfully in a position to make adjustments and changes […]

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How to grow to your highest good.

There come various times throughout the year where self reflection consumes so many of us. Questions for what we stand for, what life is about and for the journey that we are on, can lead us down a spiral of thoughts and feelings that lead us to contemplate change. Why doesn’t change last? – because […]

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Stop Smoking – for good!

What benefits will you gain from stopping smoking? Imagine now all of the benefits that you will experience in your life as you take the steps to say no to cigarettes, and turn your life around for a healthier, better and new you. The benefits for stop smoking go far and wide and can be […]

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Past life regression

The journey of your soul may lead you to understand the meaning of your current life. It may offer you insights to questions that you desire answers for, and it may help explain to you the very ‘why’s’ of your life experiences, and a whole lot more.  Why am I here? What does this all […]

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Life Coaching for Life Changes

We all have the potential and most importantly the power to change our lives for the better. Whether you want better health, a better body, improved finances or more secure relationships, the choices that you make and the actions that you take will always determine the results that you get in your life.  You may […]

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The hidden power of your mind

The ability to change and to transform your life very quickly and very rapidly can happen for you with great ease. Being able to access parts of your mind that allow you to implement the desired changes to your life can help you live the life that you truly long for. It’s so easy and […]

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