Smoking. – James
I came to Kamran as I really wanted to stop smoking. My session with him was comfortable, relaxing and he was understanding and reassuring, in one session he helped me stop smoking. I’ve felt such a difference in my health and feel truly grateful that I took the step to turn my life around for the better with his help. 
Buisness Coaching. – Neil
As a self-employed sole trader Kamran highlighted to me in the first hour of coaching that I could be earning an extra £4000 a month. Having him sit with me and coach me through the structure and process of my business, my time, my finances and more I was pushed to find more possibilities, options and solutions, all areas that I felt stuck in. He has really filled me with confidence and not only turned my business around but he’s helped me improve my way of life. 
Anxiety and Stress. – Stephanie
I reached out to Kamran having gone through a difficult period of my life. He was very understanding, confidential and non-judgmental. My anxiety was out of control and it was leading me to experience panic attacks and severe stress. I couldn’t believe in one session that he could help me but he did. He confidently showed me how to control and to deal with my anxiety and for that I shall be forever grateful. he told me I didn’t need to come back as he checked in on me weeks later where I was still in control of my thoughts and emotions. I was having better experiences and felt the NLP had become a sort of secret weapon that I now had with me from what he showed me, at any time and place in my life. Thank you. 
Insomnia.- Sarah
Through the difficulties of a relationship breakdown I barely got any sleep for months. My luck would lead me to have 2 hours sleep if that. I was skeptical of hypnotherapy but desperate to not feel like a walking zombie. Kamran came to my home and we did the hypnosis there. I was comfortable and relaxed, his voice was so calming. That night I slept eight hours straight, waking up thinking it was the middle of the night. I was shocked yet so relieved when I looked at the actual time. I’ve not looked back since. No one needs to suffer. Make the time with Kamran to get the changes that you want in your life.
Holistic Coaching. – Rachel 
I’ve seen Kamran several times for various Holistic coaching. He’s helped me to develop a meditation practice and through hypnosis I’ve experienced various transformational and spiritual development states for where I want to be personally in my life. He’s understanding of numerology has helped me understand more for what my life goals are and what my experiences are about. Intuitively he’s guided me to trust my instincts and helped me very quickly detach and get over past events that were getting in my way of moving my life forward.
Life Coaching/NLP. – Andy 
I first thought who needs a Life Coach? How I was wrong! Having Kamran’s ‘eye’s’ and knowledge look into my life and my relationships helped me look at things differently. I realised that I was stuck but didn’t know how to move forward. People say do this or try that or get on with it, but Kamran helped me see clearly the whole picture, where I was then able to make the choices and changes that I needed with his guidance. I see him regularly because I decided from his work that he’s done with me that my life can be lived to the maximum by investing in time to reflect to help me grow.
Coaching. Interior Design buisness.- Leonie
I came to Kamran when I felt stuck with my interior design business. He was very understanding which filled me with confidence as I’d struggled with keeping the business on track. He was very proactive in me finding solutions and options for me to progress to the place where I wanted to be. Things in my company shifted very quickly for the better and I wish i’d found him sooner. To explain that the blocks came in my work from the whole structure being in conflict through how the business was represented to me unconsciously – How would I have ever known!? Highly skilled and very easy to work with, thank you for helping me turn a huge corner!
Confidence, Self-esteem. – Paulo
I had been struggling with my work load and I was feeling more and more unconfident in who I was and what my role was in life and work. Kamran gave me so many tools and resources to help me make powerful shifts very quickly in my life. I couldn’t believe that there were solutions to my problems that I could use away from his practice. I feel that he’s given me so much knowledge and encouragement which has really helped me move my life forward. 
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