February 15, 2017

Be More. Do More. Have More.

Think about;

  • What will your life be like one year from now?
  • What will have changed?
  • What will you have accomplished?
  • What do you really want in your life?
  • How are you stopping yourself?

For most of you, you’ve probably trained extensively for a number of years and through the blood, sweat and tears of being in and out of work, you may feel quite bruised from the performing industry. Don’t get me wrong, dancing for Kylie, Kanye or performing in West End shows may have been extremeley fulfilling, but what can you do when you’re out of work? or what are you going to do when you know that for you, it’s time to move on?

The struggle of being an artist goes across the whole board from being employed, to in castings to the uncertain periods when you’re out of work. There’s a struggle for everyone. You either want work, because you’ve got time to fill, it’s your passion, and you could do with the money, or you’re in and out of castings and auditions, but not getting selected, so your time is fulfilled, you feel like you’re doing something, but yet you still need money. Or you’re booked on a job, happy, but usually the first question is ‘what time will we finish’, or ‘when am I getting paid’, subconsciously declaring that you’re over it before its even started, and then you still have to wait months for your money. These are just some of the struggles faced from the artists I’ve coached, and I had my personal similar ups and downs of the industry with my career as a dancer.


Hands up who wants a job. Highly skilled anyone..?

My Story –

I loved what I did. I fulfilled my dreams and ambitions, I had a great time. I spent hours day dreaming back in maths and chemsitry as a teenager wanting to dance on Top of the Pops and at the Brit awards. It was done, it was amazing, but eights years in I was bored. Bored of waiting around on set, bored of being treated like I was second rate and not appreciated (as a dancer) and so so bored of waiting for money. So I taught Pilates on the side and my life changed when I got a few private clients who suddenly paid me for block sessions upfront (first ‘undancer’ like experience) who appreciated me fully for what I delivered (second ‘undancer’ like experience) and then I’d get paid every time they cancelled a session (nail in the coffin). I was suddenly worthy. I’d previously had a whole tour around Australia and New Zealand cancelled two weeks before rehearsals were due to start with no cancellation fee, just a sorry, it is what it is. I was left out of work and let down, and there was no respect for the dancers involved. So having found myself worthy and surrounded by regular clients I waved goodbye to the industry and more the life I was bored of.


What training clients is really like…

Seven years later (wtf) and retired from the performing industry I also have a Life Coaching practice. I specialise in NLP coaching and Hypnotherapy as well as seeing my regular Pilates clients, a complete mind and body experience. (I won’t even touch on the psychic stuff) and here I am coaching current dancers, actors and choroegraphers who want more out of their careers as well as individuals who have no idea what to do next now that they’ve decided to move on. The struggle seems to split into a number of areas that have a common theme with performing artists.

  • You’re not utilising your full skills – you train for so long and are highly skilled but you can’t see it
  • You’re not seeing how your skills can be used in other employment opportunities whilst in and out of work
  • You’re not seeing your value or self-worth. You’ve been paid late time after time, you’ve worked long hours for little money, it’s now become your norm.
  • You’re not moving past the limitations of the performing industry. Your outlook on life is now set by what you’re used to, it now sets the tone for your life, your goals, your future expectations.

You really have to be pulled outside of your comfort zone (and it can be done pleasantly) to make you shift the identity that’s been set for you. Otherwise the struggle, which I’ve seen in so many artists who’ve sat across from me in coaching sessions can continue over into all that you do.

What I’ve learnt

My experiences from the industry led me to believe that the rest of the world was like the performing industry. A friend of mine a masseuse told me I charged too little for my Pilates personal training. “Babes you could easily get £120 an hour!?! I was sitting on top of the world with clients paying me £50 an hour and her suggestion to quote for £120 an hour just didn’t sit right with me. I couldn’t see past the filters that were in place. My worth was defined on what rates I had been used to from the industry I’d been in. Eventually I bit the bullet and the rest is history. It’s a common shape of identity with artists who can’t move past their usual ‘daily rate’, the pay conditions they’ve been used to and the category that they feel their skills fall into. Trust me you’re worth so much more and so is your time and service.

I’ve coached masseuses who could’t see they could earn an additional £4k a month! (no happy endings) Artists who’ve made £500 for 2-3 hours work, with more work booked in, no agents no fees, and dancers who’ve set up small businesses that bring in regular money from the dance skills that they have with the flexibility to carry on auditioning and take dance bookings. There’s a whole world outside of the industry that doesn’t need to take you away from the industry, but you can manage your time better and get more value for what you have to offer and still get to use the skills that make you feel passionate about life.

What I know

As a coach and through extensive training, through experience working with lonely housewives to drug addicts, to insomniacs and those with severe anxiety, everyone has the fundamental need to feel loved, appreciated and connected. Fact. If you’re not feeling loved, appreciated or connected from what you’re offering to your industry, try creating a life using your skills and talents where you can get the gratification that fulfils you within. I’m not suggesting that you walk away from your industry, I’m coaching people to use their skills doing what they love in ways that the industry can’t always fulfil.

What I can offer

You just need to get out of your own way, and that’s what coaching does. It helps you get unstuck, to take a step back to look at how you could better your life, by looking at what you have to offer, what you could do and what you could become. There’s probably enough bullshit going through your head of ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘It will never happen for me’ and various other limiting beliefs. But changing your outlook, being open to discovering what you could possibly do with your skills will add you to the happy list of other coaching artists clients I’ve seen, who now do more, have more and have become more. 

So all yourself to really think about;

  • What will your life be like one year from now?
  • What will have changed?
  • What will you have accomplished?
  • What do you really want in your life?
  • How are you stopping yourself?

email me any questions you may have or any interests you have in being coached.

Kamran x

What does your date of birth mean for you, for this present year and for your life journey?



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