January 11, 2016

Changing your life for good

Life can change for you very quickly. Knowing how to use your mind and in particular your subconscious mind to your advantage will make your journey to the results that you want seem like a walk in the park. Whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome any fears or limitations, reduce your anxiety or to even feel more confident, you will support yourself in the long run by working on your subconscious mind.

Let’s take weight loss for example, people say ‘diets don’t work’, ‘I’m exercising my hardest’, ‘life is hard’. Actually life can be easy, losing weight can be effortless (!!!) and giving up smoking can take immediate effect. Working with the subconscious mind is your doorway to a world of change, where long lasting results can be integrated into your life. 


You have to try to access your subconscious mind and the doorway into your subconscious comes through deep relaxation and also particular repetition. A habit is formed within the subconscious so trying to consciously change a pattern or a habit can prove difficult because the conscious mind may end up falling weak no matter how much will power or drive you ‘think’ you have. If your subconscious patterning is used to smoking, eating, drinking etc. then no matter how determined you consciously are, you may always return to your neutral settings that reside in your subconscious mind. For change to happen and for you to get results in your life you would be in a much stronger position to achieve your result by working on changing and improving your subconscious patterning. 

Through Hypnotherapy and NLP you can input suggestions into your subconscious mind so that your mind-set changes to support you for the better. As you are taken into a relaxed state where you are still in control, your conscious mind is encouraged ‘out of the way’ so that the suggestions for change that you have agreed on can be suggested to your subconscious mind. 

Think of what you want to achieve in your life.

What changes do you want?

What are you struggling with?

Why can’t you get the results?

Why do you give in so easily or so quickly?

Through your subconscious you could change your life and the results you want could come rapidly into your life.


There are endless life changes that you could create and experience for yourself. Your mind is so vast that you could access so many different areas of your mind to transform your entire life. Your intuition that lies deep within may be accessed, your memory could be increased, your health could be restored and you may even get to experience a sense of wonder as you see that the miracle of life can be created and manifested through the power of your subconscious mind.

Through Hypnotherapy and NLP you can access a world of potential possibilities as you go deep into your subconscious mind to implement your life changes. How would you feel if you could upload a new data programme to your life that very easily worked for you to help you have the mind-set to get you to the place you want your life to be? Well as your practitioner I can do that just for you. For more on Hypnotherapy and NLP take a look at my coaching repertoire and get in touch to arrange a life changing session today.

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