January 5, 2017

How to grow to your highest good.

There come various times throughout the year where self reflection consumes so many of us. Questions for what we stand for, what life is about and for the journey that we are on, can lead us down a spiral of thoughts and feelings that lead us to contemplate change.

Why doesn’t change last? – because we are wired up in our identities of who we are and how life should be, that we really need to change a sense of our identity on a deeper unconscious level for us to experience true life change. Whether you are wanting to lose a few pounds, or to break free of limiting habits, or if you’re contemplating fulfilling your dreams and seeking motivation, a short burst just won’t last the test of time. For your life to change for the better, you need to approach your transitions differently, and here is the key to lasting success.

Treat your new goals as a point of evolution. When you’re trying to change your life for the better think about how you could evolve as a person and in relation to your goal. When you refer to your change as an evolution, you can see how you can transform past your current situation and into a position that you want to remain in. You’ll be a different person with weight loss, or drinking less or starting a new business – whatever your goal, try to transition your beliefs and values along the way.

See your goals that you want to achieve and think about the stages that you will need to take to get to your desired outcome. Then look at those stages and see how you are going to evolve past the current you, how can you grow to do more? to be more? to achieve more of what you want? A deep reflection can include you looking at how you’re currently living, acting and behaving. What needs to change for you to achieve the life you want?

Reflect often on what’s working well for you and for other areas for how you can evolve. When you’re growing towards the place that you want your life to be, reflect upon your process. What’s working for you? How have you grown from each stage as a person? Are there areas where you’ve remained stuck or parts of your evolution that haven’t worked for you, or may have been difficult or things that you didn’t like? Also look at what’s worked, what you’ve enjoyed and how you’re evolving and growing and what you like about the process. A clear understanding of what works and what holds you back can help you move further towards lasting change.

Appreciate your efforts, your learnings and your abilities to be able to evolve – limitlessly. There is no limit to how far you can evolve. When you’re looking at your progress as a point of growth or a journey of development, you will see that evolving is a journey and that it requires effort to transform and to evolve for all aspects of your life. You may also realise that there are other areas you want to explore or that you have no limits to have far you could grow! Give yourself a pat on the back for the things that are working for you, for the effort that you’re putting in and also for the ability to reflect and acknowledge the areas that you need to work on for further improvement.

Plan ahead the ways in which you can evolve for your highest good. Use your mind to your highest good. Think about the place that you want to grow to, the life that you want to be living and get a clear vision of what that looks like for you. When you have that clear image and can feel what it feels like to be there and even possibly hear the things you’ll be saying to yourself or the conversations that you’ll be having in that place you want to get to, then look back from that stage at the steps that you need to take to get a structure of the steps to take to make those things happen.

Take each day as it comes and most importantly emjoy your journey.

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