January 28, 2016

Living from the ‘inside out’

Living from the inside out – so where exactly do you start? and which part of the inside is going to help you live from a place of authenticity? your mind? your heart? your lungs? your soul….?

A ‘phrase’, ‘method’, ‘term’ or ‘way of living’ that keeps popping up in my coaching sessions from the information that I listen to and then coach on is the ‘need’, the ‘suggestion’, the ‘direction’, the ‘connection’ – to go ‘within’, so that you don’t (what I seem to consider) go ‘without’. And it’s the same for everyone. Everyone seems to be at some point or another in the same ‘searchy’ (made up word) place, whether it’s the mother, the city worker, the pop star, britain’s next top model, the CEO of the biggest company in the world, or the struggling artist who can’t eat for a week – they’ve all presented me with the same dilemma – my ‘thingy’ feels empty within…. by ‘thingy’ I ask…do you mean soul…maybe..!?


Living from the inside out is clearly a hot topic from whatever angle I’m coaching from. It’s not my particular dominant way of coaching, and it’s not a method I came up with or trained specifically in, but it is however a message that pulls all the pieces of my coaching jigsaw together when sat looking into the eyes and soul of the person that I’m coaching.

Not everyone can take my spiritual bullshit, (well that’s what some may call it), but whether I’m coaching through NLP, Hypnotherapy, or Motivational empowerment I’m consciously choosing to always connect with my life force as I breath deeply into my body to connect with my source energy to help you the individual to try to connect and to listen to your soul. Maybe you’re not ready to have the soul talk yet? To discuss the journey that you’re on or the message that’s coming from within, but however you feel about the light that’s trying to shine through you, I can guide you, through your own choices to feed that flame of desire that’s lurking deep within.


So why the ‘inside out’ surely you think whats on the ‘outside’, – where you are in your life, what you’ve achieved, how many followers you have and how good your Kardashian looks is going to feed your happy spot within right!?……hmmm I beg to differ, and why!? well experience from my practice over the years of coaching and listening to people to understand the way that they are forming meaning within, or how they are fighting their way through their challenges or seeking the changes in life that are going to make them one day happy, has shown me that everyone has a need to feed a feeling, or an emotion (or what  I interpret as) a light that’s within.

But I am however, open to suggestions, I’m willing to listen, to question, inspire and to guide. I will never force or direct you to your light, or preach promote or brag about the source that feeds your soul happiness and joy. I instead methodically (and still try in some subtle ways – ‘spiritually’) to utilise the techniques I’ve trained in and I can confidently get you to that ‘place’ of peace, relaxation or at the doorway to your subconscious mind, but it always seems to boil down to the ever lasting ‘search’ that individuals are ‘going on’, ‘running from’ ‘fighting with’ ‘scared of’ ‘unaware of’ but the destination is always (and for some they are unaware of) within.

So what is it that’s ’within’ us that can lead and guide us to a happy place where we are content, mentally and emotionally with ourselves, with what we are doing and with our lives? Think about it…. What comes up for you? What could possibly be ‘within you’ that could transform your outer world?!


I can’t tell you the answers, I can only guide you to hold the compass of your heart that will lead you to connect and to live through your soul and why should I tell you what is right? because who knows in the space of the entire universe what it truly right?

An individual journey is what you’re presently on, and whether you see yourself as a spiritual being or not, only you can find the key to the door that will let you in to connect with your true self. So I won’t make it easy for you, because you’re the one who has locked yourself out, and you’re the one who can make the difference, to feel, to connect and to experience that place within you, I can only guide you to step out of your own way.

Each spiritual journey and each spiritual practice is individual, their are no rules, no rights or wrongs, their is however lot’s of loving guidance available in various forms to help you on your way. The biggest guide that you could connect with is yourself. You can take yourself there. You can be led by the sound of your heart to journey deep to a place which is reachable in less time and effort than you think. So when you’re feeling lost, confused, down, or frustrated remind yourself that you are on the guest list, (you’re actually VIP) and that you can enter into that place that will transform your outer world, as you choose to get out of your own way as you experience the light, peace, joy and guidance of your natural inner world.

But I will leave you with one tip – because you deserve to find your way into your space, your sanctuary, your palace of peace and to go further to connect with your higher, most loving and caring self, and your greatest tool which has never had an iOS update or an app invented for its use, or a #hashtag trending for it. Your doorway into your inner world – yes you guessed right – comes through your breath. So go on, make time, find time, light a candle, chant, sing, pray but above all breathe into your body so that you can journey, explore and connect with your soul.

Try this guided meditation to help you relax your mind and to connect with your body, to feel, absorb and to find meaning from going within.


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