July 14, 2016

Past life regression

The journey of your soul may lead you to understand the meaning of your current life. It may offer you insights to questions that you desire answers for, and it may help explain to you the very ‘why’s’ of your life experiences, and a whole lot more. 

Why am I here?

What does this all mean?

Why is this happening to me? 

Past life regression allows you to journey through the ‘lives’ of your soul where you can arrive at a place of a past incarnation which may give you insights into former life experiences, current life lessons, personal healing as well as a deeper understanding for a variety of questions that you may have about your current life journey, experiences and relationships to name but a few.

The ability to regress back through a particular past life can be a relaxing and energising experience where you can very comfortably allow yourself to surrender to the information and insights that’s available to you as you journey through your soul. The minds ability to access past data goes beyond the limits that you may have for your ability to regress into your past. In a relaxed and comfortable state, you can be guided to gain deeper understandings as you step back into the records of your soul. 

Simply allow yourself to think of a pleasant time from last year…. what comes up for you..?

Now allow yourself to journey back in your mind to a positive experience from five years ago….take your time to allow your data to be presented to you…

and finally go back to a comfortable time from your teen years….

The potential to go back further and beyond your current life lies in your ability to relax your mind and to open and expand the boundaries of your unconscious mind. Never underestimate the power and the potential of your unconscious mind. The doorway to your soul will lead you to all that you need to know…..


Each memory of each experience is stored in the depths of your unconscious mind, and just like a computer hardware system that is full of data, your unconscious mind will have stored ‘memory data’ for all that you’ve ever experienced in your life. Accessing past life ‘data files’ is easier in a relaxed and comfortable state and the insights that you can gain can offer various guidance, information, possible healing and above all understanding for your current life journey, your relationships, experiences and much more. 

So how far can you journey back?

How much data is stored in the depths of your unconscious mind?

Is there the potential to journey back to the events and experiences lived by your soul..?…yes….


A past life regression can allow you to experience and witness insights into former lives, former experiences, former relationships and former life lessons. Accessing information of where you lived, how you lived and who you were in a former life may lead you to understand various reasons as to why you’re here today. There may be information or guidance for your health, understanding for your current life challenges and inspiration for your current life path journey and more. 

There are reasons to why you’re here today and there are reasons to why you’re living your life the way that you are, with the people that are with you and having the experiences that you’re having.

A journey through your unconscious mind and into the depths of your soul can only lead you to possible deeper understandings about the mystery of your life. Whether you’re questioning what your life is about, your life purpose, or trying to find meaning from your relationships or understanding from your experiences, a past life regression may lead you to the answers that you’re longing for. Studies have shown that the root to phobias, fears, anxieties and in some cases ailments have for some individuals been carried over from past incarnations into present lives. Through a therapeutic understanding and patient acknowledgment, individuals have experienced positive effects from their insights to their pasts. The possibilities to gain more clarity as well as spiritual guidance and understanding becomes more possible through this relaxing practice of journeying deep within the soul. 


Have you carried over important lessons from a past life that need to be experienced in this life – that you need to understand and gain insights to…?

Are you experiencing present challenges to balance out your past karma…?

Could the relationships you’re in be all part of your souls understanding and personal growth…?

One to one regressions allow you to experience a deep sense of relaxation in a therapeutic environment where you can explore the many questions of your current life. Whether you’re spiritually minded or not, I offer the opportunity to be coached and guided into a deeper understanding and perspective of your experiences from a clinical, methodical and spiritual perspective. 

Contact me to book in for past life regression appointment in London face to face, or an online appointment through Skype or FaceTime or with any questions that you may have.



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January 15, 2017 at 11:21 am

Deep thinking – adds a new dismienon to it all.


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