November 17, 2016

Stop Smoking – for good!

What benefits will you gain from stopping smoking? Imagine now all of the benefits that you will experience in your life as you take the steps to say no to cigarettes, and turn your life around for a healthier, better and new you.

The benefits for stop smoking go far and wide and can be personal for each and every individual concerned. Whether you’re thinking about taking the step or really wanting to put an end to your habit, stopping smoking can enhance your way of living for the better with instant results, and I can help you overcome your habit in as little as one single session.

stopping-smoking-timelineSo if you’re battling over whether to stop smoking simply think of the benefits that you’re going to experience in your life from quitting your habit? Make a list now of all of the benefits to your life, your personal life, your health, your finances, your relationships, your family, your work life and more. Smoking cigarettes effects all of the people you love. The risk that you place on your health effects your children, siblings, parents, loved ones, friends and family.

To improve your life, to live longer and to experience better health, you will be doing not only yourself a favour but also those that you truly care about. Really think of all of the benefits and all of those in your life that will benefit from you stopping smoking in one session. 


What more do you need to convince yourself that stopping smoking really is the best thing for you? If you are ready, truly in a position where you want to stop, then it’s the best time to act now. If you’re not ready, seriously make a list, research and look into how you are moving closer to your death each day with each and every cigarette that you smoke, then when you feel that you’re ready to stop, contact me to make that step. 

A single two hour session combines advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that will leave you free from smoking and as a non smoker. Hypnotherapy is a safe relaxed method where you are still in control of yourself, your thoughts and your presence in the room, yet you will feel deeply relaxed where your mind is then open to a new ‘systems update’, just similar to one you would do to your phone or iPad where you are then going to run a new data software programme where you are then a non smoker. It’s that simple with so much to gain for your health and for your life. 

My stop smoking package is currently on offer until January 31st 2017. The stop smoking package  usually costs £385 but until January 31st 2017 it will be reduced to £245 for the two hour session. In the unlikely event that you smoke again, there is the option of a single top up valid for six months. The validation of success to your stopping really depends on each individual and the current state of the habit. This is why two hours is required to gain a full understanding of your habit and also time to carry out all methods and techniques to transform your identity into a non smoker. 

So let me improve your health your relationships, your quality of life and your finances! Contact me to book in for your appointment or for any questions that you may have.


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Superior thinking detesnmratod above. Thanks!


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