January 27, 2016

The Meaning of Unconditional Love

If you were told at the beginning of your life that the essence of your life was to love unconditionally, and that your ability to love is embedded within your soul, and that it should be emitted like a light shining into the world, would you choose to love more?

If you were asked at the end of your life how much you lived your life through love and if you were told that your soul had the capability to shine a light through your existence into the world through all that you said and did, would you be able to look back and say that you embraced the light of your soul through love?






Love is what connects us to each other and love is the language of the universe. There are opportunities to express and receive love each and every day, and in doing so you can very powerfully light up your own world with so little effort. The pressure that we can end up placing on love, as we condition the love that we give and receive can limit the amount of light that we can allow ourselves to experience in our lives, and let’s face it, who wants to spend time lost in a world of darkness?!

Each individual has challenges, lessons and karma to overcome and one of the biggest sacrifices that we can make in our lives is in our ability to love. Some of the lessons that we experience can question our ability to love, and some of the challenges that we face can restrict our ability to give and receive love, as our minds can get in the way of seeing the love that comes through our difficult experiences. When we compromise our love, we can end up choosing how much light we are allowing into our life but also how much light we are giving back to the world. Not only can it be a challenge to give and receive love, but a lack of self-love can also limit the light that we live in. 

Each soul has a purpose, a contract and a source of light to shine into the world. It can be difficult to shine your light and to live in your light if you battle with your ability to express and experience self-love. The more that you empower your mind with love for yourself and the world around you, the more you will then increase the strength of the light within your soul, to shine brightly into all that you so lovingly do. Challenges can make some individuals repress their love, however overcoming your life lessons and learning from your life lessons can allow you to live more comfortably in your light. 


The more that we try to support one and other through the love that we can express can allow the lights of our souls to shine into the world to increase the amount of love and learning that we can all experience and then also learn and grow from.

It takes huge courage to be the person that you were born to be. Self-acceptance is hard as is acceptance from family and friends. Encourage yourself, whatever your position, your challenge or your present state, to try to open your heart, for yourself, to feel love for you life, for who you are and for how you are. Feeling the power of love surge through you as you embrace loving thoughts for yourself and for the world around you is only going to transform your state for the better. Always remind yourself of your ability to turn your love light on by using your mind to your advantage as you choose to let love in.

  • Whatever your struggle, whatever your battle, allow yourself to open your heart and let the light of your soul build and expand as you choose to let love into your life. 
  • Whatever you currently fear, allow your mind and your heart to be filled with loving thoughts so that your body can feel the love that your mind can allow you to experience.
  • Whatever blocks you have in place that are blocking love from coming into your life, choose to give more love to be open to then receive more love in your life.

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January 15, 2017 at 11:07 am

It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exreptise.


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