Workshops and Retreats


Workshops across London will be launching very soon. For more details sign up to the Free mailing list for up to date workshop and retreat information as well as weekly coaching tips.

Alternatively choose a workshop for your private group or consider a personalised retreat from the list below.

Pilates workshops to give you a deeper understanding of how Pilates works the deeper muscles of the body. From complete beginners to advanced sessions. Suitable for all ages and both men and women.

Stretch based workshops. More and more people need time to stretch out and increase their flexibility. Tight muscles can lead to injury and most people tend to neglect their stretching practice. This workshop will allow you to stretch the whole body effectively and safely. You will feel completely different after this workshop, almost younger! This is also a great way to de-stress and relax.

Meditation workshops allow you to take time to turn your focus inward. Switching off from the outside world can be difficult, but guided meditations can help you to get to a place of inner peace and relaxation.

Coaching/NLP/Hypnotherapy/Past life regression workshops allow your group or team to choose an area of your lives that you want motivation for, development with or clarity over. Encouraging a positive, motivational mind-set to achieve positive results, goals and targets can be achieved through coaching style workshops incorporating NLP for peak performance. Hypnotherapy and Past life regression workshops can allow your group to experience positive suggestions and motivation in trance or an insight to the soul’s journey.


Imagine having your own personal retreat, whether it’s half a day or a full day of pampering in your own home or chosen location! You can have your own personalised retreat come to you, so if clearing out the house so your alone to experience a day of bliss is an option, get in contact to design your day plan of mind, body relaxation.

Retreats are a great way for you to focus on improving your mind, body and spirt. Your day can combine Pilates, Stretch based sessions, Relaxation, Guided Meditations and time to wind down. Coaching sessions as a group or individually are available which can combine NLP or Hypnotherapy sessions for your required needs.

Day Retreatsavailable at your home, work place or your chosen idyllic location.

Private Retreats– for your holiday in the UK or abroad are available.

Work Retreats – can be at your place of work where you and your colleagues can leave your designated jobs and take time to relax and retreat.

Contact me today to discuss your retreat options and to design your personalised retreat package.

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