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I offer personal coaching sessions to help you get the results that you want. From one off clinic style appointments to tackle your issue, to personalised programmes for life changes.


“As a self-employed sole trader Kamran highlighted to me in the first hour of coaching that I could be earning an extra £4000 a month”


Business Coaching

“My anxiety was out of control and it was leading me to experience panic attacks and severe stress. I couldn’t believe in one session that he could help me but he did”


Anxiety Clinic

“Through the difficulties of a relationship breakdown I barely got any sleep. Kamran came to my home and we did the hypnosis there. That night I slept eight hours straight”




Using your mind to change your body with NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming looks at the internal representations that we make as individuals and how those representations form our experiences. Once we are aware of how our minds are ‘wired up’, how we are choosing to form our internal experiences…

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8 Steps to living more positively

Nobody said that life would be easy. As we age and develop into our roles within our families, industries, social circles and society, we can feel pressure from various angles that may make us want to withdraw and find solitude within our own personal space…

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The Meaning of Unconditional Love

If you were told at the beginning of your life that the essence of your life was to love unconditionally, and that your ability to love is embedded within your soul, and that it should be emitted like a light shining into the world, would you choose to love more?

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