Free your mind. Heal your body. Nourish your soul.

Free your mind.
Heal your body.
Nourish your soul.

Kamran Bedi offers personal coaching using NLP, Hypnotherpay, Mindfulness and IEMT.

He specialises in helping people overcome anxiety, insomnia, confidence issues, addictions, stress, trauma, problematic past memories and feelings, business and brand development, and personal life coaching. 

In a single session you can reduce or even stop your feelings of anxiety, improve your sleep patterns, feel more confident and have more clarity in your life.

Kamran educates clients in ways on how to use their mind to deal with the daily challenges that may pop up. Instead of sitting and talking about ‘what happened’ to you or ‘what’s challenging you’, Kamran gets straight to work, leaving you with immediate reults. 

He has worked with celebrities, royalty, CEO’s, both men and women from all walks of life and also teenagers.

If you want your life to change for the better and quickly, work with Kamran.

You’ll find plenty of news and motivation from the blog posts and more information on coaching from the videos as well as details on the online courses for life changing results. Take a look around to see what’s on offer.

Personal coaching sessions to help you get the results that you want. From one off clinic style appointments to tackle your issue, to personalised programmes for life changes.


“As a self-employed sole trader Kamran highlighted to me in the first hour of coaching that I could be earning an extra £4000 a month”


Business Coaching

“My anxiety was out of control and it was leading me to experience panic attacks and severe stress. I couldn’t believe in one session that he could help me but he did”


Anxiety Clinic

“Through the difficulties of a relationship breakdown I barely got any sleep. Kamran came to my home and we did the hypnosis there. That night I slept eight hours straight”


Insomnia Clinic

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