More about Kamran

Image above: Kamran is a featured contributor to Confidence the Secret, by Katie Piper.

Kamran Bedi is a mind and body coach. Certified and experienced as an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, IEMT Practitioner and Pilates instructor.

His personal coaching service will transform your life, quickly.

Kamran has over a decade of experience working personally and professionally with individuals from all walks of life. His expertise has allowed individuals to overcome injury, gain clarity and focus over their life paths and goals, eliminate anxiety and stress in a single session, gain more confidence and live a more purpose filled and pain free life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Anxiety clinic put an end to the emotional suffering I was feeling and living. From the very first session my life changed from the work that Kamran did. – S. Potter

If you want to change how you feel in your life, overcome past experiences, deal with anxiety or stress, have more confidence, improve your sleep, contact Kamran today to book your face to face or online appointment.

Appointment options:

All sessions now online 2020/2021: Single session from £160 for an hour and fifteen. 

Package of 4 single hour sessions from £420.

How it works

Step 1

A free phone consultation. Let’s discuss what you want, what you need and what we can do.

Step 2

Our first face to face appointment, in person or online to get greater detail on your desired outcomes.

Step 3

We start your journey, outline the sessions you’ll need and design a programme for your goals.

I came to Kamran for IEMT and NLP. What impressed me the most was that I was able to work completely content free with him. I didn’t have to dig into my issue or talk it through. I was able to identify a feeling and he helped me change and improve those feelings very quickly. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I found IEMT very powerful with immediate changes that have lasted. I highly recommend this service where you do not need to go into so much detail of your issues which allows you to leave and remain in a more positive state. – K. Town