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Image above: A featured contributor to Confidence the Secret, by Katie Piper.

With over 10 years professional coaching experience I have worked with people challenged with a variety of different life challenges. It has been commonly pointed out to me, that my work has helped people move forward with their lives with more ease, freedom and control quite rapidly. This comes from the collection of processes that I am certified and heavily experienced in.

Whatever the area focussed on, an individual will present (often without realising) their challenges, personal situation, desired outcome which is often littered with fears, limiting beliefs, a lack of motivation, anxiety and possibly more. From my experience of listening to the language and communication presented, I continually offer people personal transformations by ‘undoing’ or ‘resetting’ their mind and emotions, whilst having a clear focus on the outcome ahead, with a strategy they can utilise to help them create the life they desire. 

Without working on your mind, your thoughts and emotions, you will not get to where you desire. I show people HOW to change and transform, where other professionals tend to look at WHY people are the way they are. In focussing on HOW and in maintaining my suggested and improved strategies, you can become limitless.

Learn more about my Anxiety and PTSD Treatment. 

Over the last year in particular, I have coached, mentored and help people through:

Severe anxiety and panic attacks.

Past trauma and PTSD.

High net worth divorce support and strategy.

Imposter Syndrome.


Fear, phobias and addictions.

Executive coaching, leadership, management and communication. 

Career and personal development.

Teenagers around university and exam pressure. 

Confidence building for various life areas. 

Sexual Abuse.

Relationship coaching.

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I have transformed thousands of people’s lives using IEMT. I am highly experienced in working with anxiety, PTSD, depression, childhood trauma and more, where the process has allowed people to overcome their pasts within 1-10 sessions. Many of my clients have tried traditional therapy, counselling and other methods for years had had no success. Through IEMT I have helped people heal and transform how they think and live rapidly, from this very modern, life changing approach. If you feel frustrated, want to overcome your past, if you want to feel better in your own mind and body, I can help you heal the things that are not serving you any positive purpose in your life.

“The Anxiety clinic put an end to the emotional suffering I was feeling and living. From the very first session my life changed from the work that Kamran did.” – S. Potter

As a coach I have helped people launch their own companies, transition through careers, find more meaning in their life, improve their relationships, earn more money, and feel more fulfilled with their day to day life. I can offer you help with your mindset so that you can feel in control of how you are thinking and living which can improve your work life, social activities and personal relationships. I can show you what is possible and what is achievable when you have the power of your mind on your side, through various NLP and Mindfulness techniques.

Some of my biggest achievements include; helping individuals overcome 20 years+ anxiety and even trauma within three sessions, authors launching best-selling books with a mapped out working strategy, improved skills for public speaking and even helped people understand themselves to save marriages and build long lasting relationships.

Appointment options – I work in packages of 1-6 or 1-10 depending on the outcomes you desire. Please email me to find out more about my coaching packages.

How it works

Step 1

A free phone consultation. Let’s discuss what you want, what you need and what we can do.

Step 2

Our first face to face appointment, in person or online to get greater detail on your desired outcomes.

Step 3

We start your journey, outline the sessions you’ll need and design a programme for your goals.

I came to Kamran for IEMT and NLP. What impressed me the most was that I was able to work completely content free with him. I didn’t have to dig into my issue or talk it through. I was able to identify a feeling and he helped me change and improve those feelings very quickly. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I found IEMT very powerful with immediate changes that have lasted. I highly recommend this service where you do not need to go into so much detail of your issues which allows you to leave and remain in a more positive state. – K. Town