How to be more present and less in your mind…..

Where are you in your mind? It’s so easy to time travel through your thoughts in the time capsule of your mind. Your eyes can’t see into the past or future, yet you may often travel back to what was or to the prospects of what could be, all in the space of your mind....

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Coaching services explained

Having coached various individuals over the years for a variety of different life areas and life issues, I am now choosing to work in a specific way. The clinics that I offer allow you to get immediate and effective results.

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The Anxious Mind

The world within that is personal and private to you can be a place of peace, happiness and joy and at other times it can be place of stress, fear or anxiety. All of these thoughts, feelings and emotions that are felt within your own mind

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Explore my life changing coaching techniques

I have a repertoire of techniques that can allow you to transform your life very quickly, which can lead to lasting life changes. The skill sets that I have studied and certified in over the years are highly valuable, and get results.

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Using your mind to change your body with NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming looks at the internal representations that we make as individuals and how those representations form our experiences. Once we are aware of how our minds are ‘wired up’, how we are choosing to form our internal experiences…

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8 Steps to living more positively

Nobody said that life would be easy. As we age and develop into our roles within our families, industries, social circles and society, we can feel pressure from various angles that may make us want to withdraw and find solitude within our own personal space…

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