Master your Mindset in 8 months.

    Join me for 8 months online coaching.

    As an NLP Master practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness coach, you have the opportunity to get online coaching with me at an incredible price: 8 months online coaching for the cost of a single one hour 1-1 coaching session!

    From confidence building, dealing with negative thoughts, getting over your past, getting clear on your goals, to having more motivation, this is the opportunity for you to get first-hand coaching that can help you master your mindset.

    You will have access to over 20+ meditations and tutorials and group coaching calls with me where I help you to re-train your brain and thought patterns for lasting life change.

    Here’s what we cover.

    Information about the topics covered in my unique Master your Mindset coaching programme

    Month 1: Calm Mind

    You will learn:

    • How to develop more control over your mind, your thoughts and your emotions.
    • How to create an inner space that allows you to feel at peace.
    • How to improve your mind-set in 10 minutes!
    • Meditation and tutorials to help you re-wire your brain to feel more at peace and in control.

    Live group coaching call

    Month 2: Confidence

    You will build on your calm mind and:

    • Develop your confidence and self-esteem.
    • Learn how to feel confident anywhere with NLP anchors.
    • Overcome confidence issues, self-doubt and negative views about yourself.
    • Meditation and tutorials to help you improve your confidence for any area of your life.

    Live group coaching call

    Month 3: Inner Voice

    You will work on improving, locating and developing an inner voice that positively serves you in your life by:

    • Learning how to take control of the sounds inside.
    • Improving with daily practice your inner talk.
    • Removing any unwanted guests of other voices in your head.
    • Meditations and tutorials to help you feel and sound better inside your head.

    Live group coaching call

    Month 4: Goals and Motivation

    You will look at your personal goals:

    • Get clear on what you want in your life.
    • Feel satisfied in all areas of your life.
    • Plan to take action to create success and results.
    • Meditations and tutorials to help you feel more motivated with clarity towards your goals.

    Live group coaching call

    Month 5: Anxiety

    In month five you will:

    • Learn how to eradicate anxiety and reduce it down in your brain and in your nervous system.
    • Learn how to take control in any situation and in any space.
    • Feel more in control, less anxious and feel like the ‘old you again’
    • Meditations and tutorials to help overcome your anxieties.

    Live group coaching call

    Month 6: Daily Feel Good

    In Month six you can expect to feel good by:

    • Developing a positive outlook on your life.
    • Growing a powerful and positive thought manifesto personally for you.
    • Change how you think and feel for the better, with one single thought.
    • Meditations and tutorials for positive living.

    Live group coaching call

    Bonus Month 1: The Law of Attraction!

    Learn how to now use your mind-set to go beyond being positive, to now being the creator of your own life!

    Bonus Month 2: Relationships!

    How to develop better relationships with others and yourself!

    Also available to course students are discounts on my personal 1-1 coaching sessions.

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