Coaching Techniques

    Coaching sessions can combine a number of tools and techniques that assist you in transforming your life for the better. You can choose a specific method to work with or you can discuss your needs to discover the best approach.



    Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you transform how you think, feel and experience life very quickly for the better. NLP is very quick and can provide immediate results, effective mental and emotional relief and above all, lasting  life change. Various clients have been amazed at the immediate positive shifts they’ve experienced, and so many question why they suffered for so long, when NLP has offered fast change.

    Integral Eye Movemnt Therapy - IEMT

    IEMT deals with problematic feelings and memories and offers change within 40 seconds. Yes 40 seconds! You can very quickly relieve your mental and emotional symptoms and improve how you think and feel through IEMT. The huge benefit of this therapy is that you can also work content free, meaning you don’t have to go into great detail or any detail about your issue. This is life lasting change in the blink of an eye!



    Working with your unconscious mind to help you change habits, relieve your symptoms and to change your life can be achieved through hypnotherapy. This is a deepy relaxing and safe process where you are always in control. Hypnotherapy gives you that extra boost for your mindset to stay on track with your goals.

    Life Coaching

    What are your goals? How will your life be different a year from now? What will you have achieved? changed or accomplished? Coaching sessions allow you to look at any areas of your life and they allow you to get clear as well as motivated on achieving results. 

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    Personal coaching sessions to help you get the results that you want. From one off clinic style appointments to tackle your issue, to personalised programmes for life changes. 


    Anxiety Clinic

    Your anxiety can be relieved quickly. You will be shown how to use your mind to overcome your anxiety so that you can apply effective methods in anytime and any place.

    Insomnia Clinic

    You can overcome your insomnia rapidly, in some cases a session is all it takes. Analysing your symptoms and showing you how to relax along with hypnotherapy will help you sleep.

    Relationship Clinic

    Whether you require emotional support for your relationship, divorce or coaching that helps you understand your partner more, you will be given the space to feel yourself.

    Kick Start Your Life Clinic

    Feeling lost in life? Unsure of what choices to make? Are you getting in your own way? The kick start clinic is all about gaining clarity, confidence and powerful life changes.

    Addiction Clinic

    The Addiction clinic is a six week programme designed to assist you in overcoming your habit. You will reprogramme your unconscious mind and discover methods to gain more control.

    Business Development Clinic

    Branding, social media, brainstorming and money making. The business clinic allows you to get a fresh set of eyes and development tools to allow your business to thrive.

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