Coaching Techniques

I can help you think in ways that are empowering, feel in ways that are liberating and assist you in becoming the best version of yourself. I use a variety of methods that will allow you to experience various life changes quickly.



Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you transform how you think, feel and experience life very quickly for the better. NLP is very quick and can provide immediate results, effective mental and emotional relief and above all, lasting  life change. Various clients have been amazed at the immediate positive shifts they’ve experienced, and so many question why they suffered for so long, when NLP has offered fast change.

Integral Eye Movemnt Therapy - IEMT

IEMT deals with problematic feelings and memories and offers change within 40 seconds. Yes 40 seconds! You can very quickly relieve your mental and emotional symptoms and improve how you think and feel through IEMT. The huge benefit of this therapy is that you can also work content free, meaning you don’t have to go into great detail or any detail about your issue. This is life lasting change in the blink of an eye!



Working with your unconscious mind to help you change habits, relieve your symptoms and to change your life can be achieved through hypnotherapy. This is a deepy relaxing and safe process where you are always in control. Hypnotherapy gives you that extra boost for your mindset to stay on track with your goals.

Life Coaching

What are your goals? How will your life be different a year from now? What will you have achieved? changed or accomplished? Coaching sessions allow you to look at any areas of your life and they allow you to get clear as well as motivated on achieving results. 

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Do you want to feel better in your own mind and body? Do you want to feel supported during the work required? Do you want to transform how you live your life? I will help you achieve your goals.


Anxiety Clinic

Your anxiety can be relieved quickly. IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy can offer you more relief for anxiety than any other treatment available. In 6 or 10 sessions, you can feel free from your anxiety.

Insomnia Clinic

You can overcome your insomnia rapidly, in some cases a session is all it takes. Analysing your symptoms and showing you how to relax along with hypnotherapy will help you sleep.

PTSD Clinic

Experience rapid life changes through IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy, to reduce, eliminate and transform your PTSD quickly, with lasting results. A single session can make a huge difference.

Life Coaching Clinic

Feeling lost in life? Unsure of what choices to make? Are you getting in your own way? The kick start clinic is all about gaining clarity, confidence and powerful life changes.

Business Development Clinic

Branding, social media, brainstorming and money making. The business clinic allows you to get a fresh set of eyes and development tools to allow your business to thrive.

Ultimate Life Transformation

If you require a rapid life transformation and want to get results quickly as you work at a faster and more frequent rate to achieve your outcomes, this option is for you.

I came across Kamran Bedi via social media (Instagram) and got in touch for help with severe anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. After just a few sessions via FaceTime, which included NLP and coaching, I can truly say I am feeling so much happier and motivated. Kamran has been really easy to talk with and I can honestly say that my sessions have been life changing! I highly recommend Kamran if your are suffering from anxiety due to past experiences. NLP helped me to overcome and come to terms with negativity from my past, which was really bothering me and affecting me on a daily basis. Now I simply ‘just don’t think it or care about’ these things from my past, which were really getting me down. I was in two minds about reaching out to Kamran on social media. But his prompt reply to my messages was a good sign and I’m so grateful and thankful to him for helping me come as far as I have. I look forward to my next session in a few weeks. – Tanya.