What people are saying about Kamran

“As a self-employed sole trader Kamran highlighted to me in the first hour of coaching that I could be earning an extra £4000 a month”


Business Coaching

“My anxiety was out of control and it was leading me to experience panic attacks and severe stress. I couldn’t believe in one session that he could help me but he did”


Anxiety Clinic

“Through the difficulties of a relationship breakdown I barely got any sleep. Kamran came to my home and we did the hypnosis there. That night I slept eight hours straight”


Insomnia Clinic

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“I highly recommend Kamran, he can give very fast results. I got so much better after only 1 session and his techniques about forgetting the past are incredible. Don’t suffer book Kamran and all will get better.”

“After just one session of NLP coaching and hypnotherapy with Kamran I noticed improvements immediately in the way I viewed the negative aspects of my life as well as future goals – it was quite remarkable and started having an successive impact on all areas of my life in such a positive light! I highly recommend Kamran to get your life back on track and never look back!” 

“I have been having hour long weekly sessions for the last four weeks with Kamran via Skype, as I am based in Hong Kong, to assist me with anxiety and mindfulness and I could not have imagined the improvements I find myself experiencing in such a short period of time. He was able to provide me with practical tools within the very first session that have been hugely effective in improving my mindfulness, motivation and productivity and this has only continued in the subsequent sessions. I am so happy that I finally took decision to seek this coaching and would high recommend Kamran’s services to all.”

“I often visit Kamran. He has helped me with my business structure, organisation and goal setting. I recommend him highly.” 

“I came to Kamran for IEMT and NLP. What impressed me the most was that I was able to work completely content free with him. I didn’t have to dig into my issue or talk it through. I was able to identify a feeling and he helped me change and improve those feelings very quickly. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I found IEMT very powerful with immediate changes that have lasted. I highly recommend this service where you do not need to go into so much detail of your issues which allows you to leave and remain in a more positive state.” 

“I recently had a few sessions of business/life coaching with Kamran. He has an enthusiastic coaching style – encouraging, motivating, and uplifting. I am in awe at the simplicity in which Kamran could get to the heart of the matter and help me more forward.” 

“I am so pleased with the results of my sessions with Kamran. I had a mixture of NLP, hypnosis and life coaching. All very enjoyable, informative and has given me the tools to continue. I really can’t recommend the service enough. I say go for it!”