8 Steps to living more positively

Nobody said that life would be easy. As we age and develop into our roles within our families, industries, social circles and society, we can feel pressure from various angles that may make us want to withdraw and find solitude within our own personal space. The difficulty in trying to escape from our external pressures may leave us fighting an inner battle with our minds, as the peace that we try to create for ourselves can become overshadowed by our over-active thoughts. It can become an inner battle with our thoughts that actually brings a dark cloud into our minds that then blocks our ability to think positively. Pressure can build from various angles and we can become our own worst enemies as we battle with the dark thoughts of our minds. Where is our light? How can we bring light into our situations to lift the cloud of darkness that can weigh so heavily on our minds?


There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Finding a way out is never easy but there are doors for you to access and the power really does lie in your hands. The changes that you want in your life can be achieved.

You can make the difference to your life and you can be happy once again. Knowing how to achieve the key to your freedom that will free you from your dark thoughts is easier than you think. There are solutions to every problem and in every challenge lies an opportunity waiting patiently for you to activate your personal power. Claiming your power back starts with your mind. Turning the light on to your darkness can help you to push out and drive your dark clouds away. Once you have enough light to ‘see’ you can build upon your power to move your dark thoughts further away by embracing the light that your mind can create. Here are some guidelines to empower your mind and way of life.

1. Make time to be around people. Be social, interact with people as often as you can. This doesn’t mean through social media! Get physically active and communicate in person rather than through text and WhatsApp. Don’t leave yourself to be alone with your thoughts. The more you choose to involve yourself with others, the easier it can become to open up and seek help and guidance. It may also help improve your mood to have some personal company.

2. Try to improve the way that you think. Instead of focusing on your challenges focus on the good that’s in your life, things that you can feel grateful for, things that you love and make you happy, to help improve the way that you think and feel. Focus more on the positive aspects of you life. Find them! What do you feel grateful for? What do you love in life? What makes you feel happy within? Change how you’re thinking and focus on your good.

3. Notice your negative thoughts that you’re thinking. Say them out loud so you can hear the effect of them. If you don’t like the sound of them, don’t say them in your mind. Banish your negative ways. For every negative thought you find yourself thinking, STOP and then replace your thoughts with five positive feel good thoughts to overpower your negative feelings.

4. Choose Self-help/motivational books. Try methods and practices that encourage you to make a difference to your way of living and thinking for the better. Take a trip to your local bookshop and see what is on offer or what falls off the shelf and into your path.

5. Exercise more. Go for a walk, be around nature, get out of the house. Sunlight or natural day light can help to lift your spirits and help distract you from your dark thoughts. Getting your body moving can also help you to improve the way that you think, as your mind can be less distracted from your negative thoughts.

6. Take time to sit and breath deeply to feel calm but also rejuvenated. Meditate to help your mind relax as you turn away from your outer world and try to create peace within. Try some free guided meditation on YouTube to help you create peace within and control with your thoughts. Here are some of my guided meditations.  www.youtube.com/kamranbediuk

7. Use affirmative words and phrases that promote positive feelings and help shut down any fearful, negative thoughts. No more I can’t or I won’t,  more I can be happy, I am worthy, I know I can make a difference. Build yourself up with powerful affirmations.

8. Take time to plan how you can move forward with your life. Planning to achieve a goal will help you get your desired results, and the changes that you need with much more ease. Think about what you want to achieve. Visualise the end goal so that you know where you are heading and then plan the steps to get there.

Believe that you can be happy and know that by trying to take control of the way that you think, you can ultimately improve the way that you live.

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