Coaching services explained.

Having coached various individuals over the years for a variety of different life areas and life issues, I am now choosing to work in a specific way. The clinics that I offer allow you to get immediate and effective results. You may only need a single session to work with me to experience relief with sleep, anxiety, or to gain more clarity in your life for your career, relationships and your goals. Experience with clients and from coaching enquiries and consultations, has led me to identify that we live in a fast paced world and people want quick, immediate results. Working with me on your issues can give you immediate results that work, and last. If I feel that your issues or your blocks are deeper or require more work, I will advise you into the number of sessions that you need, however you will gain a lot in your single first session.

The following gives you more information on the single clinic style appointments.

Anxiety Clinic.

Most individuals that I’ve worked with have been suffering with anxiety for a number of years, and all clients that have come to me can’t believe that they’ve put themselves through so much mental and emotional torment, when an hour and a half or a two hour anxiety session can eliminate, relieve and control their anxiety. It’s really very simple, very easy and extremely effective. Ask yourself how much longer are you going to suffer within yourself from your anxious thoughts and feelings? Hours, days weeks, months or years? You can and will change how your anxiety is controlling you effective immediately. You will feel better and have more control over how your mind and emotions are working, and you will effectively learn how to use your mind to remain anxious free, whenever you need.

Is anxiety something that you have? or is it something that you do? If you have it, is it contagious? Can I catch your anxiety? Can you pass it on to me? Or is it something your mind does? Something that you repetitively think of that creates particular feelings in your body? Are you allowing yourself to create and experience your anxiety?

Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP states in his book ‘How to take charge of your life’ that anxiety and depression are things that we do. ‘We don’t have depression and anxiety. We create these feelings through what we do inside our head’ Can you see how you are ‘doing’ anxiety, stress, depression etc? I can show you how to do peace, control, calm, relaxed, happy, free, motivated, confident whatever you want. I can show you what you are doing inside your head and how to change it for positive, lasting life changes. Stop suffering at the hands of your mind. With your new tools your life will change for the better. Should you need work on a deeper issue we can continue to work on an anxiety programme where you will be supported through every step of the way. My anxiety clinic is simple, effective and guarantees results.

Insomnia Clinic.

It surprises me how long individuals go on for losing out night after night on a decent and healthy amount of sleep. How long do you want to continue to suffer for? I’ve seen people who are exhausted and trying to stay on top of their lives but carrying the weight of the world on their minds from the exhaustion of not sleeping. This is my favourite clinic. I love hearing back from clients who say ‘I now have a regular sleeping pattern’, ‘I can’t believe it was so easy’, ‘I feel alive’. Paul White, the insomnia specialist at The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy explains, “Nearly 30% of the population has some form of insomnia. Insomnia is nearly always underpinned by anxiety and this anxiety interrupts the normal sleep pattern. This anxiety is what people with insomnia tend to ruminate about whilst attempting to sleep which is what hypnotherapy for insomnia targets. This rumination generates high levels of anxiety and hence an increased level of alertness within the insomniac and therefore sleep eludes them. Sometimes this anxiety is so low level that the person may not be very aware of it and therefore believes there is no reason for the lack of sleep.” Using Hypnotherapy in the Insomnia Clinic can allow you to re-programme your unconscious mind to develop a natural and normal sleeping habit which you will find changes your health and your life for the better. A single session can work like magic or you can purchase two appointments or three at a discounted rate. This gives you the option to really install a new and updated sleeping pattern into your unconscious mind. Insomnia sessions can work face to face in London or online through Skype or FaceTime. Imagine a good nights sleep and the benefits of feeling refreshed and re-energised. Imagine how different your day to day activity will be and how appreciative your body will feel from the rest. What are you waiting for?

Relationship Clinic.

Every individual has the need to feel loved, appreciated and connected. What I have seen over the years is individuals who feel they are disconnected with their partner and this can come down to not understanding and communicating their partners love language. Every person has their own lead internal representational system for the way in which they communicate using language and for how they interpret their experiences. When it comes to love and relationships, every individual has their own lead ‘love language’ This has been used as a frame work by Gary Chapman for years and it can help you understand your partner and yourself. If your relationship has broken down, separated or in the stage of divorce, the relationship clinic can allow you to deal with anxiety, a lack of sleep, finding peace, gaining confidence as well as moving your life forward. Combining NLP techniques, IEMT and if required Hypnotherapy, you can gain a great deal of emotional support and relief through the coaching work on offer. Relationships are never easy and ending relationships can cause a lot of heartache. Should you find yourself stuck and in a position to gain closure in your life, the relationships clinic can help you focus more on yourself. This individual service allows you to gain more mental and emotional strength and support for you to move your life forward in a positive and empowered direction. Gaining closure, healing and understanding to allow yourself to change and improve the focus of your mind to nurture yourself, as well as gaining confidence, emotional strength and support to move your life forward can allow you to really empower your life.

Kick Start your Life Clinic. 

I have seen so many individuals over the years who are unsure of what to do with their lives, which path to take, what choice to make and generally unsure of what they really want in their life. Individuals have spent years lost in their minds unsure of what to do or how to achieve a sense of clarity with their life goals. Procrastination simply yet effectively robs you of your time. How long have you spent thinking and considering and not doing the things that you want in your life. Working with a coach can allow you to get a fresh set of eyes to help you look at the bigger picture of your life. You will never be told what to do. You will be questioned to search within yourself, to highlight the key things that are of value to you, to help you align yourself more with what truly pleases you on a deeper level, which will lead you to the place where you are comfortable with what you’re doing and how you’re living your life. This is a quick and effective service that allows you to get ‘unstuck’, it helps you to ‘get out of your own way’, it helps you have ‘ah ha’ moments as the lightbulbs go off in your mind highlighting to you the paths ahead that you truly want to walk in life.

You may on the other hand have ideas, you may have opportunities and goals that you want to achieve, but like many you may be unsure where to start, lacking in motivation and unstructured in your approach in making things happen. Wherever you are the kickstart clinic will literally kickstart your internal engine and have you accelerating at a comfortable and manageable speed that helps you to live the life that you truly want to live and to get fantastic results in all that you do. A single session can make all the difference and a kickstart package (enquire for more) can have you supported as you work towards a specific goal so that you make the most of your time through a process of evaluation and goal setting. There will be no room for fear and doubt, no time for procrastination, your life will be kick started into action and you won’t look back.

Addiction Clinic.

Dealing with addiction is a process that requires action. If you feel that you are currently in a position in your life where habits are overtaking your life, causing you to lose control, negatively influencing the health and potential happiness of yourself and others, fear not help is at hand. The addiction clinic is a minimum six week programme combining a variety of techniques from NLP, IEMT and Hypnotherapy to help you make the lasting changes in your life. You will be required to have weekly coaching sessions as part of the programme for the coaching and therapy work to effectively take place in your life and deep within your unconscious mind. From experience with working with individuals who have had addiction issues including gambling, sex addiction, alcohol and drug addiction, smoking and even food addictions there is a clear pattern within each individual that comes to light through the programme. Everything that you have ever done in your life and everything that you do will require ‘patterns’ and strategies’ in your mind. Becoming more aware of how your mind is ‘wired up’ leaves us in a position to rewire your mind into new, lasting and healthy habits. Forming new strategies and new healthy patterns which break up and eliminate the old patterns in place, will give you more mind control which is a lot more than will power. The mind power that you will create will also be assisted by the coaching work to help you to get more out of your life and to help deal with the underlying issues for why you may be addicted to your habit. You have the potential to turn your whole life around for the better, to take control and to powerfully become the creator of your destiny. For more information of the addiction clinic programme and to discuss your needs in more detail to gain more clarity on what may be involved for you, please get in touch.

Business Development Clinic.

Probably one of my favourite services to allow you to get to grips with your business, to work to your highest potential, to receive financial reward and to make your dreams your reality. Having owned my own personal wellbeing practice for over eight years and having had a former career in the arts world as an individual brand, my experience and my coaching expertise will allow you to get your business to thrive. I’ve worked with sole traders and small business owners from performing arts schools, web designers, creatives, choreographers, brand building, personal trainers to catering companies. The company is irrelevant, it’s all about how you are applying your mind and how you are taking action. Like most business owners that I’ve seen and worked with over the years, they are working hard, they are trying everything that they can and they truly believe they are clear on all of their options. So why a business coach? Well a fresh and experienced set of eyes will not sit and tell you what to do, and I won’t just sit and help you plan. You will be guided and challenged to look at every aspect of your business, your current strategies, what’s working, the reasons why things haven’t worked, your options, your clients and customer, their needs, their mind and their mindset as well as branding your business beyond what’s currently in place. There can be the option of looking at your company values and how they fit and meet with your staff, the ethos of your company and to find if things are out of alignment. Working on your social media branding, looking at who exactly your audience and customer is as well as looking at ways to generate business without spending any money is also part of the programme. A single session can help you get clear on what you need to do to transform your business and brand for the better, and regular sessions can be packaged to book in for a process of evaluation and goal setting over a set period of time.

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