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I have a repertoire of techniques that can allow you to transform your life very quickly, which can lead to lasting life changes. The skill sets that I have studied and certified in over the years are highly valuable, and I have seen successful results with clients time after time. My most notable point that I have observed is that individuals will have suffered or put themselves in their emotional pain and difficulties for a long period of time, and within a single session I have seen the same individuals receive immediate relief. You do not have to suffer. You can move past the things that no longer serve you any positive purpose, and you can enjoy and rejoice in your life sooner than you may think. The techniques and methods that are available offer valuable life changing shifts including;

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP looks at the mind, and specifically what works in the mind, what doesn’t and what can be changed. By looking at your current situation, or your challenge or at your specific issue that may even be related to your past, I can begin to understand how you are internally forming your experience. You may be ‘running’ a particular pattern or strategy within your mind that you are unaware of that is causing you to feel anxious, fearful, stressed or causing you to act in ways that are detrimental to your health. With an understanding of how your internal world is running and with strategic questions that can help uncover further unconscious patterns, you can experience more mind-control, more emotional relief and more choice in how you are then thinking and feeling.

Life Coaching – Life Changes

Life coaching allows you to discuss where you are in your life, to explore where you want to get to, and it helps get you clear on the steps that you need to take to turn your dreams and your goals into your reality. What can assist life coaching is various NLP methods to help you to look at your future, how you’re going to get there and to release and move past any fears that may be getting in your way. It doesn’t matter how big your goal is, what matters is how you are applying yourself and whether you are making effective use of your time. I have seen people transform their lives very quickly, simply from a single session where they have realised so much of what they need to do, having got clear on exactly what they want, where we’ve then set the steps they will take to make those things happen. Even if you have no idea what to do or what direction your life should head in, you can gain so much clarity from looking at your current situation, as I use my skills to align you with your values, which will leave you feeling more fulfilled in your life.

Hypnotherapy – magic in your mind

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe, relaxed process where you never lose control. Forget what you see on TV with regards to stage hypnosis, why on earth would I make you cluck like a chicken? Seriously people ask me if I will may make them do silly things – no – I will enable you to do the things that you want in your life. Whether that is to stop a particular habit, to have less fear, to sleep better, to have more confidence, hypnotherapy can assist you in very quickly transforming your life for the better. It’s about you accessing the control room of your mind. What controls would you change to improve your life? What would you improve or reduce? or how would you update your settings? We form habits so quickly and we have things that are set in our minds that no matter how much will power we access, we just can’t overpower the system settings that are in place. Through hypnosis, by achieving a relaxed state, we can access your unconscious mind to help you reset your settings to help you naturally change your life.

Holistic coaching – mind, body and soul

I have been working as an intuitive for a number of years. Most people who have seen me for an intuitive style coaching reading have generally gone on to work with me as their coach. My intuitive reading coaching session can look at your personal numerology, looking at the meaning of your date of birth, the meaning of the day you were born on and insights into your personal year from your nine year cycle. I can read through your auric field to provide information about your life, possibly your health, relationships, career as well as work as a medium. There is the option to work on meditation practices and personal and spiritual development.



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