The anxious mind.

The great big ‘What if’?…..but really ‘What if’?, ‘ok sure that’s fine’, ‘but hang on’…’What if’?

The cycle of uninterrupted anxious thoughts within the anxious mind, searching for answers, searching for solutions, searching for safety, but still uncertain, unsure, unconvinced, so the search continues, thoughts, feelings, emotions, panic, worry, thoughts, feelings, emotions, panic worry, on and on and on, all locked within your own personal world, where on the surface you appear fine, but on the inside there’s a rollercoaster running at great speed through your mind and your emotions. Minutes? Hours?Days? Weeks? How long does your anxiety last for? How long have you had anxiety?

I’ve worked with people who have suffered anxiety for years and I’ve shown them how to get immediate, effective relief within ninety minutes. Will this last? Will the anxiety come back? ‘Apply the processes I’ve just done with you I tell them’, at any time you feel you need them, as anxiety can be looked at as something that you do, rather than something that you have….

Think about it, without feeling insulted, How did you learn to be anxious? Were you born with anxiety? Where did you catch your anxiety? If anxiety is something that you have, then is it something that other people can catch from you if they are around you?

Or is anxiety something that you do? Something that you’ve got used to doing? Something that you’re really good at doing with your mind, in your thoughts and within yourself? If you can see your anxiety as a habit, as a pattern of thoughts that ‘you’re running’, you can very easily change your settings, your thought patterns and your programming, simply by understanding more of your mind.

Anxiety tends to leave you searching for safety, searching for solutions, searching for answers until you ‘feel’ comfortable within yourself to take action, to do things, to say what you want etc etc. It is the search party and process that you run time after time looking to find something to feel really comfortable about within, which creates your experience of anxiety. Anxiety is usually future based. You can be anxious for ‘what could happen’, ‘what is yet to come’, ‘what you could create’, ‘what you could become’ and on and on and on and on. You can end up completely consumed in your present moment as you become kidnapped by the thoughts that you run within your mind that paralyse the way that you feel within your body. You could be on the most beautiful beach in the world, yet anxious for what you’re going to eat later that evening, anxious for what you’re going to do when you return home, or anxious for your safety, when you’re surrounded by so much beauty and missing out of the pleasure you could be experiencing.

What’s going on in your mind?….

  • The Prefrontal cortex located at the front of your brain has a variety of roles and functions that contribute to things like planning, making decisions and problem solving, which can become extremely over active in anxious individuals.
  • The Hippocampus at the back of your brain stores memories and emotions where your brain automatically pulls up related memories for various experiences that you may be having.
  • The Amygdala which is also located towards the back of your brain is responsible for your emotional reactions in your body, and can produce your responses usually sensing fear, worry or panic, which can contribute to fight or flight response. 

If your anxiety is stemming from your thoughts and mental movies that are playing within your mind, then it is your prefrontal cortex, the area behind your eyes at the front of your brain that needs to be addressed or worked on. This is quite easy to do and can be done quite quickly with NLP techniques as well as being more mindful. If however your anxiety appears more dominant in cases where it is triggered for no apparent reason, then it is likely that difficult, negative or even emotional memories are being brought up potentially unconsciously from your past. This again can be treated with NLP but also Hypnotherapy to help relieve your symptoms. Working on calming your mind to reduce the over activity in your prefrontal cortex as well as reducing the stimulation of your amygdala can help you effectively reduce your anxious feelings and experiences.

‘I had no idea that my symptoms could be eased and controlled so quickly. I personally suffered for years at the hands of my mind, Kamran showed me how to claim my power in so little time, I feel completely different’. – Sarah Angleton

As an experienced practitioner utilising NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and IEMT (Integral eye movement therapy) I feel fully equipped with a variety of tools and techniques that can instantly offer immediate relief to your mental turmoil. I’ve seen a common pattern in people suffering within themselves for long periods of time who are without the knowledge that there is help available that can give immediate and lasting results. It’s although you’ve given someone the winning lottery ticket where their critical inner voice is no longer there, or their mind isn’t replaying fear or worry and their body suddenly feels still and calm. I believe that over a long period of time, in years to come, more and more people will come to realise that there are so many methods available to stop and to control the inner battles that can really consume us on such a personal level. It’s my mission to work with as many individuals as possible to try to highlight to them that they do not need to suffer within any longer. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies and actually stop ourselves from getting the healing and treatment that we need. But trust me there are so many ways to ease your pain, quickly, rapidly and effectively. 

How has your mind been working for you?

What thoughts go through your head that torment you or disturb your peace?

Have you tried any techniques that have helped give you relief?

How much longer do you want to suffer within?

IEMT is powerful in changing difficult memories or feelings. I often ask people if they have feelings or memories that bother them, that consume them or disturb their peace. The usual reply is that there’s a list of uncomfortable thoughts, memories and other issues consuming them mentally and emotionally. So I ask if I can change one of them for the better, to offer instant relief in 40 seconds… and I do. 

You were born to live your life to the full and I’ve seen people unable to travel abroad, to go for the jobs they truly want, or to be in the relationships they want because there mind gets in the way. In realising that there are options, tools and methods that you can apply to change your life for the better, you can allow your life to flourish as you live the life of your dreams. You are potentially a single thought away from fulfilling your dreams, yet hundreds of thoughts may be in the way blocking you from feeling free.

How soon do you want to feel better? How quickly do you want to take control of your anxiety? Email me today or have a look at my Anxiety clinic in my services section for more information on how my Anxiety clinic can help you.



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