Anxiety Solutions Online Course.

An online course by the author of ‘Your Mind is Your Home’, the Amazon #1 best-seller for NLP

This online course will allow you to experience guided audios, video lessons and also coaching methods to help improve your mindset, delivered by #1 best-selling author, NLP, IEMT coach and Hypnotherapist Kamran Bedi.

Here is your opportunity to have some practical online resources that you can use on a daily basis that help you to improve your mindset in relation to anxiety, stress and overthinking. A small amount of time each day working on your mind can help improve your mental health quickly.

Here’s what we cover.

Information about the topics covered in my online Anxiety Solutions programme.

Lesson 1: Grounding Technique

This audio will show you how to direct your mind into the present to be more mindful and less busy. With developing this ability to feel a sense of stillness, you can feel calmer, reduce any anxiety and learn easily how to have more control.

Lesson 2: Ultimate De-stress

Here we look at how you can actively relax your mind, your emotions and your physical body. This hypnotic style technique is wonderful for releasing negativity, stress, and more from the body.

Lesson 3: Focussing Your Mind

This lesson allows you to move past negative and fearful thinking as you change your train of thought for the better. This coaching technique can show you how to experience a more positive mindset and more positive feelings in your body.

Lesson 4: The Power Of Your Inner Voice

Here you get to learn how to have more control over the sounds that you hear inside your own head so that you can think and feel better within yourself. 

Lesson 5: Re-Train Your Brain

The more that you experience how you can shift your mindset for how you are thinking, the easier it will become for you to change and improve how you’re thinking when needed. This lesson shows you just how you can break the pattern of overthinking.

Lesson 6. How To Feel Calm

This NLP technique will show you how to induce a state of feeling calm in any time and any place you need to improve how you’re feeling. Training your mind to work in ways that you need it to comes from a daily practice. 

BONUS: FREE Sleep Hypnosis Audio

This downloadable sleep hypnosis audio will help you to slow your mind down and have better sleep patterns so that you feel energised and refreshed from a good night’s sleep.

The Anxiety Solutions Online Course is now open!

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