Your Mind is your Home FREE meditation course.

A free course by the author of ‘Your Mind is Your Home’, the Amazon #1 best-seller for NLP

This FREE meditation course will allow you to experience guided meditations to improve your mindset, delivered by #1 best-selling author, NLP, IEMT coach and Hypnotherapist Kamran Bedi.

This course introduces a number of key concepts from my best-selling book, ‘Your Mind Is Your Home’. You’ll discover various mindset elements that you can integrate into your daily life that will help you achieve your goals.

Here’s what we cover.

Information about the topics covered in my FREE introductory Your Mind is Your Home Meditation Course

Lesson 1: Stillness Within

This lesson explores the element of physical and mental stillness. This meditation takes you through the process of aligning your mind and body into physical stillness, which allows you to feel at peace within yourself.

Lesson 2: Freeing your Mind

Here we look at how you can actively take control of your mind and how you can improve the screen that you see inside your head.

Lesson 3: Creating Room in your Mind

This lesson allows you to develop a room in the home of your mind that is personal, private and peaceful for you. You will be guided into experiencing the power of your mind for how you can change the environment of the space you sit in inside your own head.

Lesson 4: Updating your Mindset

This lesson allows you to actively learn how to use your mind more positively and teaches you how to direct your thoughts to the focus that you do want to have in your life and in your mind.

Lesson 5: Mindset Masterclass

In this lesson you will hear mental health insights for anxiety, stress, depression and how to overcome these challenges from best-selling author and wellbeing coach Kamran Bedi.

Your Mind is your Home meditation course is open now, and it’s completely FREE to join.

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