Where are you in your mind?

    It’s so easy to time travel through your thoughts in the time capsule of your mind. Your eyes can’t see into the past or future, yet you may often travel back to what was or to the prospects of what could be, all in the space of your mind. How often do you spend time consumed by your thoughts as you go back or ahead in the space of your mind? Let’s look at the emotional effects time travelling has on your mind, emotions and body, and how to be more present and less in your mind.
    Through the journeys that you take in your mind, you can end up feeling past pain or crippling anxiety as you think ahead for your fears for what could be. This simply disturbs your present peace and when repeated and often consumed in your mind, you can end up feeling burnt out from the spaces and places that you wander back and forth to with your thoughts. 

    A common pattern I see far too often.

    I often work with people who suffer from anxiety as they contemplate all of the possible threats around them. The opinions of others and the constant questioning of ‘what if’ as they search for safety in their minds can leave them feeling anxious. Feeling overwhelmed, on edge and uncomfortable in their own skin, it’s a real pleasure to educate an individual very quickly on how to create and experience a sense of peace of within their mind. Are you aware of how you can use your mind to reduce anxiety, or even to move past things like guilt, regret and difficult past painful memories?
    The majority of people that walk into my clinic or who have coaching sessions with me online tend to find immediate relief as they are educated in ways to be more present, less active in their thoughts and also to understand the setup and structure of their mind. How would knowing these tools and skills help you? So many people suffer for so long in their minds. Imagine having a physical cut and letting it bleed for years? What would happen to you?  –  An unattended issue in your mind can only prolong the wound within for so long. In learning to be present and more in the freedom of your present place, you can relieve and if not eradicate your symptoms with great speed. 
    My one main tip for you is to use your senses to step out of your mind. Simply see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel from the space around you. This will lead you to be less in the space of your thoughts and emotions.

    If you want assistance, then take action.

    If you are wanting things to change for the better if you want to know how you can cope and if you want to get there quickly, contact me for a free 10-minute consultation to discover more on how you could change your mind and improve your life very quickly. 

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