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One of the most common points of feedback that I get from using Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) for anxiety is, ‘How have you managed to change how I feel for the better so quickly’? The second point of feedback is, ‘Why did I wait and suffer for so long before getting professional help’?

Over the years I have worked with various people from all walks of life who have experienced various levels of anxiety. For some people, the anxiety has left them in a position where they can’t leave the house, some can’t travel or go to work, and for others it has negatively affected their relationships and how they live their lives. How long have you been experiencing your anxiety and how is it effecting your life?

Unfortunately, you may have experienced the longer your anxiety is left untreated, the stronger it can get. Anxiety can start to spill over into areas of your life, it can be destructive and overpowering. This doesn’t have to be your reality. Think of anxiety, to being similar to a toddler. If a toddler cries you would probably reassure and comfort them. If you left the toddler and offered no support, they would continue to get upset and express their discomfort. In many ways your anxiety can make your body feel tense. You can feel as though you’re on the edge of a cliff trying to stop yourself from falling and it can feel extremely exhausting. When anxiety gets left untreated, it can unfortunately get stronger in its ability to affect your life. Quite often without realising people can end up ‘numbing’ their symptoms through things like smoking, drinking, casual sex, gambling, or even drug use to name a few. However, the anxiety that is numbed, can often find another way to attempt to express itself to you as it is simply calling you from within to help yourself feel better.

Beyond the surface your emotions need assistance.

One of the techniques I use explores the areas of possible emotions that can trigger a person to feel anxious. There can be past situations that have had an emotional impact on the person, which unconsciously in the present moment leaves the person feeling on high alert and anxious. It’s the feelings that I am interested in to release the anxiety. I don’t have to hear in great detail about the situation or the experience the person has had, as I am more interested in the feeling that is associated with the experience. Once I have the feeling, I can use the process of IEMT to release the trigger feeling which can stop the person feeling anxious. The feelings that can trigger anxiety can be any of the following, it doesn’t have to be all of them, it could be just one of them;







Most people suffering anxiety have some of these feelings that overwhelm them, that are familiar and frequent to them in the way that they are felt and experienced. Other areas including low self-esteem, lack of confidence, worry about the future, ongoing present life challenges can also cause a person to feel anxious. They can however be fuelled by past experiences that encounter similar feelings, which make the present feeling of anger, guilt, shame or anxiety overpoweringly overwhelming, usually described as anxiety.

I also work on areas of identity that often are presented unconsciously by the client that I become consciously aware of due to my training and experience and observation for the language that is used. People will often say things like, ‘I get really stressed’. ‘It affected me when I was younger’. ‘They are against me. He doesn’t consider my feelings.’ ‘I hate myself for doing that to them.’

Underlined are the ‘identities’ that I will explore and work with. Again, the individual isn’t usually aware of what they are saying but what happens is an ‘Identity imprint’ can at times be located in a specific area of the body that leaves the person feeling tight, heavy, restricted or panicked. It can also be that if it’s not in the body, the ‘identity’ when questioned can lead the person to unconsciously bring to conscious awareness the specific memory and age that’s causing the anxiety. People will often say it’s in my head, or in my chest, and even, I feel it in my throat. I also often hear, ‘I’m now back at school’, ‘I am at home at a younger age’, as the conscious awareness of the past memory usually not considered relevant, now becomes identified as the trigger of the anxiety.

This is called getting to the root cause and getting there quickly. The questions are designed to bypass the conscious mind and allow the unconscious mind to assist and even present forward the root cause of the problem. This has and does remove the need of years of talk therapy for a significant breakthrough. With the particular memory accessed, the process of IEMT can then be used to help relieve the feeling which is often a trigger. The person doesn’t need to know before a session or at all, what time, what age, what experience or what memory is the root cause. It is through the process where it is extremely common that the questions used help the unconscious mind access the parts that need working on. I have used this method so far with over 250 people in my professional practice online and face to face in London, and it always inspires me for how fast change can be experienced and how people’s anxiety can be relieved.

If you are struggling with anxiety or if you have been for a while, consider how your life may change for the better for how you feel and live, work, experience your relationships and the things that you love doing from four online sessions. Within four sessions I can get to working on your anxiety triggers, help heal past difficult memories and feelings and help you with some mindset tools to move your life forward. Contact me to schedule your anxiety relief package.

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