Are you tired of not sleeping?

Experiencing a good nights sleep is easier than you think. So many individuals suffer night after night, struggling mentally, physically and emotionally to get through each day to then lie awake at night falling into a continuous cycle of exhaustion and frustration.

Are you:

  • Suffering each day from a lack of sleep?
  • Feeling exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally?
  • Unable to enjoy life from feeling over tired?
  • Frustrated from not sleeping?
  • Laying in bed with a busy mind?

The Insomnia Clinic can help you with immediate results. An over active mind filled with worry, fear, stress or sometimes even excitement at night can disturb your sleep. A simple yet effective ‘system update’ to your unconscious mind could have you in the deepest sleep.

How the treatment works.

Session 1 will look at your sleep patterns and understand the causes of your insomnia.

Session 2 will begin Hypnosis for Insomnia as well as some mindfulness techniques.

Session 3 will continue with deeper Hypnosis, NLP mindset tools to help your thought patterns.

Session 4 will cement the hypnotic suggestions, recap the tools suggested and measure your changes.

You will:

  • Change your life for the better.
  • Have more energy for your daily life.
  • Sleep deeply and comfortably.
  • Be able to get back to sleep if you wake up.
  • Be able to relax your mind at night.
  • Develop healthy ways for you to fall asleep with ease.
  • A single session can help you to relieve your symptoms and develop a healthy sleeping habit.

By understanding how you are personally experiencing your lack of sleep by gaining information from your internal mental and emotional representations, I can help you overcome your insomnia. The insomnia clinic is fast working with immediate results, you do not need to suffer within anymore. 

Package of four sessions utilising Hypnosis and NLP to help treat your Insomnia is £900.

Recent review:I still continue to see Kamran for personal coaching. He has helped me over the years with anxiety and cured my insomnia through hypnosis which was life changing. I am practically free of anxiety and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick the results were. Coaching has also allowed me to expand my career and look at how I manage my team at work. Highly recommend.

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