Do you experience anxiety? Perhaps you often feel feelings of panic, fear or feeling on edge? Has you anxiety started to negatively affect various areas of your life? Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) may be the solution you are looking for…

What is Integral Eye Movement Therapy?

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a technique that combines eye movements that help to resolve emotional imprints, limiting beliefs, and even negative and traumatic thought patterns quickly. I have seen people’s lives transform where they immediately feel free from anxiety from IEMT as the process offers more relief than any other therapy available. I have used this process for the last five years helping people to achieve life changing and immediate results. The eye movements used in IEMT can help to rapidly release the emotions felt in the body around anxiety, fear, panic and a lot more! If a person has negative memories from past experiences or even memories and feelings of past anxiety or panic attacks, IEMT can rapidly change, release and treat the feelings and memories – without the need of having to talk through the memories and feelings in great detail. This can feel hugely freeing and rapidly offer lasting change. This can help a person feel free of their anxiety quite quickly so that they can progress with their life without the overwhelm and control of any anxious feelings.

An anxious person often feels any of these feelings; panic, fear, worry, feeling on edge, stress, overwhelm, regret, guilt, frustration and more….If you experience some of these or all of these, then your life could rapidly change in six sessions of IEMT.

How Integral Eye Movement Therapy Helps Treat Anxiety and Panic.

IEMT can help treat anxiety and panic attacks by addressing the root causes of these conditions. Anxiety is often a response to underlying emotional traumas or negative thought patterns, which can become deeply ingrained in the mind and body. These patterns can lead to anxiety and panic attacks as the body responds to perceived threats. It doesn’t always have to be experiences of the past, as a lot of anxious people tend to feel fear and worry for their future. In releasing the trigger feelings of fear and worry, a person can then learn how to have more control over their mind and especially those ‘what if’ thoughts!

On a deeper level, through IEMT, individuals can recall the original traumatic events or limiting beliefs, and even present anxious feelings and begin to rapidly process them in a new way. This technique can help individuals to reframe negative experiences, change their emotional responses, and create new positive thought patterns, quickly. IEMT can be a valuable tool for those who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, as it can help to reduce the frequency and intensity of these episodes and for many it can eliminate the feelings completely over a course of six to ten sessions.

The Benefits of Integral Eye Movement Therapy.

There are several benefits of IEMT beyond treating anxiety and panic attacks. Here are a few:

1. Quick and Effective Treatment

IEMT is a relatively short-term therapy, typically lasting between six and ten sessions for anxiety treatment. Most talk therapies can go on for fifty to one hundred plus sessions of analysis where as IEMT can help a person change and reduce anxious feelings quickly. The rapid treatment can be appealing to those who are time-limited or want to see results quickly and for those who feel they haven’t got anywhere from continual talk therapy. IEMT can be used to treat Insomnia, fears & phobias, Imposter Syndrome, as well as PTSD. IEMT is a non-invasive treatment, meaning that there are no medications, surgeries, or other invasive procedures involved. This can be a significant benefit for those who want to avoid medications or are looking for alternative treatments to traditional talk therapy.

3. Long-Term Results

IEMT aims to address the root causes of anxiety and panic attacks, creating long-term results. Clients can learn to change their emotional responses to triggers, creating new positive thought patterns and reducing the frequency and intensity of anxiety and panic attacks. Previous clients have often mentioned that they ‘can’t feel’ the past emotions associated to past memories and anxiety attacks. When releasing fear and panic, again clients report that it is harder to access the feelings and instead they feel calm within themselves. This then allows time to develop how they use their thoughts to improve how they think which again can help them have more control over any potential anxious thoughts.

In conclusion, Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a powerful tool for those who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. This therapy can help to address the root causes of these conditions, create new positive thought patterns, and reduce the frequency and intensity of anxiety and panic attacks. With its non-invasive and relatively quick treatment time, IEMT is a valuable treatment option for those looking for alternative therapies to traditional talk therapy or medications.

How to get treatment.

Do you struggle with anxiety, fear, worry, panic, PTSD or panic attacks? You’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide experience these conditions, and they can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of your life. If you’re struggling with anxiety or panic attacks, it may be worth considering six or ten sessions of IEMT as part of your treatment plan. Each session is an hour live on Zoom. 6 sessions is £720 or 10 sessions is £950.

Please email me at or message 07841755049 to discuss starting your treatment where my experience over the years of using IEMT could rapidly help you to feel free of anxiety.

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