Do you experience anxiety? Perhaps you often have feelings of panic, fear or feeling on edge? Has your anxiety started to negatively impact various areas of your life? Perhaps your career, relationships, social activities are effected by your anxiety? Or maybe you wake up in the morning feeling anxious…?

Let me help you to feel free from your anxiety…

My name is Kamran Bedi, I am an anxiety and PTSD specialist who treats people using Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT). I am also the author of ‘The Anxiety Antidote’ and ‘Your Mind is Your Home’. From my many years of experience of working with all types of anxiety, I traditionally see people for 6-10 sessions of IEMT. Yes, 6-10 sessions! This is because I get straight to work on releasing the trigger feelings of anxiety which are unique to each individual person. From my experience, I know what to look for, what questions to ask and how to work through the anxious triggers that most people feel. Most people who come to me have previously tried talk therapy, counselling, psychotherapy and none of it helped their anxiety, that’s what they tell me. This is usually because talking about your feelings doesn’t change them.

IEMT changes how you feel and it does it quickly. For some people it reduces the feelings, others feel a huge reduction of panic or feeling on edge, and for some it can delete the anxious feeling completely. As an example, a lady this week who had fear and anxiety of heights and bridges had 6 sessions of IEMT, where she then messaged me that she was stood looking down from a bridge and had no anxious feelings at all. No panic, no fear, no anxiety. How? – IEMT…

What is Integral Eye Movement Therapy?

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a technique that combines eye movements that helps to resolve emotional imprints, limiting beliefs, and even negative and traumatic thought patterns quickly. The eye movements used in IEMT can help to rapidly release the emotions felt in the body around anxiety, fear, panic and a lot more… If a person has negative memories from past experiences or even memories and feelings of past anxiety or panic attacks, IEMT can rapidly change, release and treat the feelings and memories – without the need of having to talk through the memories and feelings in great detail. This can feel hugely freeing and rapidly offer life lasting changes. This can help a person feel free of their anxiety quite quickly so that they can progress with their life without the overwhelm and control of any anxious feelings.

An anxious person often feels any of these particular feelings when experiencing anxiety; panic, fear, worry, feeling on edge, stress, overwhelm, regret, guilt, frustration and more….If you experience some of these or all of these, then your life will rapidly change with IEMT sessions.

How Integral Eye Movement Therapy Helps Treat Anxiety and Panic.

IEMT can help treat anxiety and panic attacks by addressing the root causes of these conditions. Anxiety is often a response to underlying emotional traumas or negative thought patterns, which can become deeply ingrained in the mind and body. These patterns can lead to anxiety and panic attacks as the body responds to perceived threats. It doesn’t always have to be experiences of the past, as a lot of anxious people tend to feel fear and worry for their future. In releasing the trigger feelings of fear and worry, a person can then learn how to have more control over their mind and especially those ‘what if’ thoughts!

  • One man felt anxious about presenting at work. This was linked to past experiences where he felt embarrassed. With IEMT he could no longer feel his past feelings, and saw the experience more as an objective thought. Building up his confidence was easy as he didn’t have any anxious feelings triggering him.
  • A lady I worked with was anxious about her health. She feared every physical ache or pain. Doctors appointments, messages from the doctor filled her with fear and dread. She had 12 sessions of IEMT which led to her feeling no anxiety at all for her health or fear for the doctors.
  • Driving anxiety is another area I have help people overcome. From motorway driving to driving in the dark. Releasing the past triggers helps you live more freely presently.

The process is also hugely effective for past traumas and traumatic memories. This can be life changing for people who often find their thoughts taking them back to difficult past times, where the process helps to detach from the feelings and also makes it harder to see the past thoughts. Would you feel better if you couldn’t access the past thoughts and feelings that pop up in your mind? IEMT can help you achieve that…

A road walked by many…

I often hear people say ‘ I just want to feel like the old me’ – ‘The old me, before the anxiety started’. That’s what we achieve in the sessions. I also hear people say ‘ I should have started this sooner’. They explain how they put off treating their anxiety, some for many years. This unfortunately negatively impacted their lives over the years, as your anxiety can and will grow stronger the longer it is left untreated. It can and will start to creep into different aspects of your life which begins to change how you live. This can effect your career, relationships, social life, and even your health. This doesn’t have to be the case.

One other thing I hear people say each week is, ‘I don’t have the money’. The truth is, if you want to be treated, if you want to get better and if you want your life to change, you can and will prioritise your mental and emotional health. It is a choice worth making. For most people IEMT is a number of sessions and a one off treatment. People will spend more money across a year on alcohol, holidays, eating out, cosmetics, than they will on their mental and emotional health. You have to choose to commit to working on your anxiety to combat it and the best investment in changing your life for the better is through IEMT.

How to get treatment.

Do you struggle with anxiety, fear, worry, panic, PTSD or panic attacks? You’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide experience these conditions, and they can be debilitating, affecting every aspect of your life. If you’re struggling with anxiety or panic attacks, it may be worth considering six or ten sessions of IEMT as part of your treatment plan. Each session is an hour live on Zoom. 6 sessions is £620 or 10 sessions is £950.

Please email me at or message 07841755049 to discuss starting your treatment where my experience over the years of using IEMT could rapidly help you to feel free of anxiety.

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